John-Henry Doucette

VOLUNTEERS By John-Henry Doucette A few nights before the O’Connells held their first and only pig roast, I named a ship I served aboard long before I retired as a corpsman and landed my hospice job here in Poughkeepsie. The mention came in passing, amid a wildly unstructured discussion of our troubles with Arabs, but … [Read more…]

Nick Fatuzzo

PAPERWEIGHT By Nick Fatuzzo “Alright, listen up, you bastards!” I’m ten years old, and my best friend, Jonathan, has picked up his most recent favorite word from one of his parents’ arguments. It’s summer, and all the neighborhood kids are out. The five of us are sitting in the dry-rotted, wooden gazebo on our cul-de-sac. … [Read more…]

Dennis Scott Herbert

THE MAGICIAN’S THUMB By Dennis Scott Herbert It wriggled and writhed on the floor attached to a string that we could all see but pretended not to because Rodney was trying so damned hard and he hadn’t drunk a drop for three months. But when the dog swooped in and bit that thumb up in … [Read more…]

Nick Kocz

KRYPTONITE By Nick Kocz Hours after Jill gave birth to our first child, Superman knocked on the door to our maternity room. We were friends, Superman and I. The previous day, he foiled one of Lex Luther’s diabolical plots. Now, he swaggered into the room carrying six dozen red roses that he tossed on Jill’s … [Read more…]