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Tampa Review 66 is available now!

Image of the front cover of Tampa Review 66.

Tampa Review 66

Fiction by Shayla Bruin, Andrew Plattner, Gregory Byrd, Hunter Prichard, and Jake Lancaster.

Poetry by Julia Armstrong, Amanda Leal, Janée J. Baugher, Joanne Mallari, Clay Cantrell, M.B. McLatchey, Christopher Citro, Nate Moseley, David A. Goodrum, Jennifer Newhouse, Shannon Hardwick, Andrew S. Nicholson, John Hennessy, Michele Parker Randall, Scott T. Hutchison, William Snyder, Mickie Kennedy, Richard Weaver, Anna Leigh Knowles, Danielle Wheeler, and Steve Lambert.

Nonfiction by Fatima Alharthi, Kanyinsola Olorunnisola, Chelsea Catherine, Patty Prewitt, and Priscilla Long.

Art by Coyote Shook and Matthias A. K. Zimmermann.


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Image of the front cover of Tampa Review 65.

Featuring the work of Samuel Raphael Barber, Tamas Dobozy, 2022 Tampa Review Poetry Prize winner Katherine Gaffney, Katherine Busatto, Abriana Jetté, Jonathan Simkins, and many more.


Image of the front cover of Tampa Review 63/64

Featuring the work of Brent Joseph Johnson, Louise Marburg, William Musgrove, Andrew Acuna, Paul Ilechko, Lavonne J. Adams, and many more.


Featuring the work of Peter Kahn, Sarah Gerard, Jai Hamid Bashir, Erica Bernheim, Sarah Browning, Oscar Cuevas, Stefani Nellen, and many more, including a special interview with George Singleton.



Featuring the work of Nishat Ahmed, Kazim Ali, Devon Balwit, Andrea Caswell, James Deahl, Shelley Feller, J. Malcolm Garcia, and many more.


Featuring the work of Nathan Beard, Hannah Weyer, J. Malcolm Garcia, Dorothy Chan, Michael Lavers, and many more.







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