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Tampa Review 63/64 is out now!

Tampa Review 63/64

Fiction by Brent Joseph Johnson, Louise Marburg, William Musgrove, Jesse Nee-Vogelman, Megan Paslawski, Carly Stone, Ezgi Üstündağ, Bess Vanrenen, and Cynthia Williams.

Poetry by Andrew Acuna, Paul Ilechko, Lavonne J. Adams, Naomi Kanakia, Daisy Bassen, Jenna Le, James Deahl, Dave Nielsen, S.D. Dillon, Sarah Payne, Stephanie McCarley Dugger, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Charlotte Foreman, Susan Rich, Mary Gilliland, Moná Toirésa Ó Loideáin Rochelle, Mara Lee Grayson, Jonathan Greenhause, N.L. Shompole, Andrew Hahn, Myles Weber, Jeremy Halinen, Scott Withiam, and Alamgir Hashmi.           

Nonfiction by Troy Bernardo, A. Molotkov, Rebecca Giles Green, Kara Melissa and SJS, and Lance Larsen.

Translations by Sekyo Nam Haines, Lee Williams, and Richard Prins. 

Cross-Genre work by Erica Eckart, Sera Yu, and Anthony Warnke.

Art by Janine Biunno, Valerie Lueth, Alina Josan, and Anthony Record.

Interview with Leslie Vega and Crab Devil Collective.

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Featuring the work of Peter Kahn, Sarah Gerard, Jai Hamid Bashir, Erica Bernheim, Sarah Browning, Oscar Cuevas, Stefani Nellen, and many more, including a special interview with George Singleton.



Featuring the work of Nishat Ahmed, Kazim Ali, Devon Balwit, Andrea Caswell, James Deahl, Shelley Feller, J. Malcolm Garcia, and many more.


Featuring the work of Nathan Beard, Hannah Weyer, J. Malcolm Garcia, Dorothy Chan, Michael Lavers, and many more.







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