Deborah Rudacille

SOUTHERN GOTHIC by Deborah Rudacille A man named Knuckles is running for sheriff of the Florida county where my Uncle Al settled after he retired from the Air Force in 1971. The current sheriff is named Slaughter. My aunt and cousins were bemused by my exclamations of glee over these Dickensian surnames when I visited in … [Read more…]

Marion Winik

MY LIFE IN THERAPY by Marion Winik Not long after I moved to Baltimore in 2009, I realized that I needed help. I was still a mess about the implosion of my marriage, I was having no luck with dating, and neither hot yoga, white wine, or what was left in the prescription bottle from … [Read more…]

Dean Bartoli Smith

THE ONLINE LITERARY MAGAZINE AS TRIGGERING DEVICE by Dean Bartoli Smith I. “Discovery is the ideal. . . . When not writing a writer may search for a triggering device, and literature is one of several places to find it.” – Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town At a meeting of the Downtown Poets Club in San … [Read more…]