The Theater Teacher’s Brief Fling with the Football Coach Ends Badly

Winner of the 2013 Tiny Chair in Writing TROntest

  1. Ms. Wynn snuck off with him at lunch, hoping the cheerleader salutatorian of ample virginity could smell it on her afterward.
  2. But she was poisoned by her duplicity, vowed to love her perfectly OK husband, told the coach they’d still be friends, as if.
  3. The next day he sat there at the lunch table, counterfeiting laughter so that only she would know he was hurt, was gut-shot.
  4. He pulled a pistol as the curtains opened on the Drama Club’s Passion Play. Part of her liked being watched. Very small part.
  5. After the gunshot, she fell to the floor, relief that it was over flooding her chest even before she knew his aim was untrue.

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