James Claffey

HARD FREEZE By James Claffey We get the 15B bus to town on Saturday morning. Mam has her shopping bag and the list she wrote out after breakfast. The Old Man is staying home by the fire, afraid to get a chill in his gammy leg. Before we leave I put a shovel of slack … [Read more…]

Meg Tuite

FAMILY EXTRAVAGANZA By Meg Tuite What is it that struggled within my oversized head that made my body nothing more than transport apparatus beneath it? The legs moved when expected, as did the arms, but the face twitched as fast as a hummingbird swilling across the air toward sugar water and the eyes tracked horizons … [Read more…]

Ric Hoeben

AND THE RUIN OF THAT HOUSE WAS GREAT By Ric Hoeben Some of the guys are wondering if we should get rid of Cinnamon and take us on a new member. If it’s not his moaning, it’s his whining. He refuses to go out and get us flounder, get us eggs, or find us shiny … [Read more…]

Robert Clark Young

DEATH TO AMERICA By Robert Clark Young an excerpt from the novel Chapter One: A Suitcase Nuke Scuddy Scudalczyk was standing on the roof of the Abu Ghraib Prison, hitting golf balls with Flynn Parrish.  Scuddy always hit harder and more accurately when he was mad, and he was mad this afternoon, but also disgusted, … [Read more…]