Category: Fiction

Frank Scozzari

TOO OLD FOR WAR by Frank Scozzari Old Makatiku looked wearily upon the young Kantaku. A pillar of youth he was, standing more than two meters in height
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Daniel Davis

FRIENDS WHO HELP THEIR FRIENDS by Daniel Davis Gambling with Rick is kind of like being jealous of God. There’s no point to it. You can bring your
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Cynthia Hawkins

DEBRIS FIELD by Cynthia Hawkins The day the tornado hit, Gladys and her partner Emma had lived in the screened-in back porch of the Sumner House on Mulberry
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Lawrence F. Farrar

A GOOD STEWARD by Lawrence F. Farrar Tendrils of coastal fog lingered over the Santa Clara Valley that March morning in 1946. The risen sun bathed the fields and
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Cameron Hunt McNabb

CASITA by Cameron Hunt McNabb The house smelled like Seventh Avenue on a Saturday morning, as if all the bakeries and markets had moved into our kitchen. That was
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