Your Writing Room Stinks

Papers, dead pens, old chinese food containers, empty coffee cups, that one award you received that time for doing something literary: I think I’ve seen your writing room, and it ain’t pretty. Sure, you clean it from time to time, when your procrastinating the next chapter. So why not take the day off, and head to one of these serene locales. Just remember to put on pants before you leave the house.

First up is the Writers Room in NYC. At Astor Place & Broadwaythe crossroads of Soho, Noho, Union Square and the East & West Villages. Empire State views. And look, bean-bag chairs!


Chicago’s Writer’s Workspace takes the cubicle approach, but that aged metal helps bring the industrial vibe. In the Anderson/Edgewater neighborhood, not far from Lake Shore Drive.

Story Studio, also in Chicago, goes for a more minimalist approach. A window, a desk, does it get any better?

Writer's Workspace, Chicago

If you want a blast from the past, check out the Sterling Writer’s Room in Multnomah County, OR. Named for Donald Justus Sterling, the managing editor of Oregon Journal from 1919–1952. Now that’s style.

Looking for something a little more architecturally inspiring? Why not try the Eulalie and Carlos Scandiuzzi Writer’s Room at the Seattle Central Library. Photo credit: brewbooks, via flickr.

Writer's Room Seattle

Next up on the list, Writer’s Room of Boston. Ten charming nooks with floor to ceiling windows in downtown bean-town. Those lamps are nice and soft.

All these big cities got you down? Looking for something more homey when you get away from home? Why not try out the Writer’s Room for Songwriters in West Nashville, TN. It’s not a bed and breakfast, but they do have a bed, and you can eat breakfast there. Fiction writers need not apply, but I bet poets would have a shot.

And finally, can’t get away from the house? Don’t want to fork up a month-long contract on a room somewhere far, far away? Why not try out WriteRoom for the Mac. It takes all of the things we love about the computer and buries them under a no-nonsense blank canvas. One of the features of Word, and zen to everything else.

Writer's Room for Mac


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