Angela Masterson Jones

ATTACHMENT by Angela Masterson Jones some stories tell themselves like skid marks on a guardrail up and over we’ve gotta talk can flip a relationship off another kind of bridge while good news needs no intro it can take a lifetime to shake bad habits, mixed metaphors hope and you paperclipped to my soul are the … [Read more…]

The Art of Martha Marshall

View From the Railroad Bridge

By Martha Marshall View From The Railroad Bridge Buried Treasure The Cove Invested in the Outcome You Have to Have a Plan ============================================================================ Martha Marshall grew up in north Alabama. She received an Associate in Arts Degree from Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida, and acquired master printer skills during her studies there. She has … [Read more…]

The Art of Candace Knapp

Mischief Makers

By Candace Knapp  Mischief Makers Morning Song Please The Water Babies Shy Sweetheart Seduction The Red Violin Reach ============================================================================ Candace Knapp’s public sculptures can be found throughout Florida: “Litigation” at the Hillsborough, FL County Courthouse, the “History Walk” and Pavilion Floor at Courthouse Square and the “Enchanted Mangrove Forest” on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, … [Read more…]

Ric Hoeben

AND THE RUIN OF THAT HOUSE WAS GREAT By Ric Hoeben Some of the guys are wondering if we should get rid of Cinnamon and take us on a new member. If it’s not his moaning, it’s his whining. He refuses to go out and get us flounder, get us eggs, or find us shiny … [Read more…]