Ric Hoeben

AND THE RUIN OF THAT HOUSE WAS GREAT By Ric Hoeben Some of the guys are wondering if we should get rid of Cinnamon and take us on a new member. If it’s not his moaning, it’s his whining. He refuses to go out and get us flounder, get us eggs, or find us shiny … [Read more…]

Robert Clark Young

DEATH TO AMERICA By Robert Clark Young an excerpt from the novel Chapter One: A Suitcase Nuke Scuddy Scudalczyk was standing on the roof of the Abu Ghraib Prison, hitting golf balls with Flynn Parrish.  Scuddy always hit harder and more accurately when he was mad, and he was mad this afternoon, but also disgusted, … [Read more…]

Taylor Branch

EXCERPT FROM THE CARTEL by Taylor Branch This is an excerpt from Taylor Branch’s Byliner Original The Cartel  CHAPTER TWO Founding Myths FAME AND CONTROVERSY have been constants since the birth of organized college sports. A newer factor, relatively speaking, is the institutional control of wealth by adults. In 1859, players from Williams College accused Amherst … [Read more…]