Happy St. Patrick’s Day from James Joyce

I would not suppose famed Irishman and author of weighty tomes, James Joyce, assumed any extra level of interest in the largely Irish-themed holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, and Patricius himself — a Welshman — may or may not appreciate either Joyce’s works or the current nature of the holiday bearing his name, but let us — in the name of this special holiday, due this coming Sunday — share a link that celebrates the common grounds between these gentlemen, that common ground being the peaty earth of perhaps the world most cultured and celebrated Celtic isle, the land of Ireland.

So here is Joyce reading Finnegan’s Wake. If you cannot understand what he is saying, but you can decipher the words and phrases through his exquisite accent — that is to say, if it does not make sense — then it is working, so I’m told. That’s how Finnegan’s Wake works:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


Many thanks to Derry Smith for passing along this link.

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