Complete Guidelines for Submissions to Tampa Review

These guidelines explain the details for general submission of stories,
poems, and creative nonfiction.


There is a small processing fee ($2 for poetry; $3 for prose) for online submissions.

1.  Tampa Review is the faculty-edited literary journal of The University of Tampa. We publish two issues a year in an elegant hardcover format. Our editorial staff considers submissions postmarked between September 1 and November 30 each year for publication in the following year. Manuscripts received prior to August 15 will be returned unread. We maintain this policy so that works submitted to us are not held for an unduly long time.

2.  We suggest you submit 3 to 6 poems and/or one or more prose manuscripts of up to 5,000 words. We do not print book-length poetry (except through the annual Tampa Review Prize for Poetry), and rarely publish excerpts from larger works of either poetry or prose. All work submitted should be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions will be considered, provided that you notify us promptly if they are accepted elsewhere.

3. Submissions are accepted online through Submission Manager. Prose manuscripts should be double-spaced; poetry may be submitted single-spaced. Clearly indicate any space breaks within stories, and stanza breaks in poetry, especially when they occur at the end of a page, so that these breaks will be obvious to our editors.

4.  The writer’s name and address should appear on the first page of each manuscript. We also appreciate receiving a telephone number and/or e-mail address. For multiple-page submissions, subsequent pages should be numbered and should include the author’s name and short title at the top of each page.

5.  Fiction and nonfiction submissions should state a total word count at the top of the first page (upper right hand corner). For poetry manuscripts, a line count is useful.

6.  Translations must be submitted in original language as well as translated versions. Please also include a short biographical note on the translated author and a copy of the author’s permission to translate.

7.  A reporting time of approximately 12-16 weeks (3-4 months) can be expected. We try to report sooner if possible.

8.  Our payment is $10.00 per published page for both prose and poetry (payable upon publication), one free copy of the issue in which the work(s) appears, and a 40% discount on any additional copies you may wish to purchase.


Suggestion: It is helpful for you to know the kinds of work a magazine is publishing.
Sample copies are available for $12, including postage, and can be ordered here.