The Art of Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim

By Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim Home Place Under Snow (Flint Hills Country Road) Industrial Waste Meditation Nestling in Lace  Summer White ============================================================================ Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim is a writer and visual artist. Her books include Slow Mud, Killing Daddy, and Woman of the Plains. She is also a playwright, with Mockernut Street, Corinne, and Not Laughing produced. … [Read more…]

The Art of Neverne Covington

By Neverne Covington  Balancing Act  Dog Dream  Mapping Desire  To Emerge To Swoon ============================================================================ Neverne Covington’s drawings, prints, paintings, and sculpture explore childhood, language, landscape, memory, and the Gothic South. Her work has been exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art, the Brevard Museum of Art, the State Capital and various venues throughout Florida, and … [Read more…]

The Art of Ryan Foster

By Ryan Foster Sunset (Smiling Landscape) ============================================================================ Ryan Foster graduated in 2011 from the University of South Florida with a focus in painting and printmaking. He currently teaches 2D Design and Color Theory at The University of Montevallo just outside of Birmingham, Ala. “Recently I have been interested in the grittiness of the land — … [Read more…]