The Practicing Writer

There exists an expansive array of online resources for MFA students and practicing writers, and one that I find beneficial is Erika Dreifus’ daily dose of e-mail updates of The Practicing Writer. Each morning, I awaken to an inbox of Monday Markets/Jobs/Opportunities, which feature available jobs in academia, as well as the publishing market. Here, … [Read more…]

10 Surefire Successful Writing Prompts

Though at times I hate them, writing prompts can perform a useful function for writers who want to practice their craft, but are struggling to get started. A high quality prompt can offer a catalyst that may later become a published short story or a contest-winning poem. The following prompts are guaranteed to offer that … [Read more…]

Welcome to Tampa Review Online

The time has almost come when we, the editors of TROn, will be able to share with you, our dearest reader, our brave first-adopter, all the excellent prose, poetry and art our artists have generously submitted. In a matter of days we’ll be launching our first selection of works. But as we race toward our … [Read more…]